Fluorescent Clear super lightweight Plexiglas hand painted and assembled sculpture by  artist Olga Alexander with blue and silver acrylic paint, ring is adjustable and can be client customized
Clear Node Art Ring.01
Nodes Collection Of Art Jewelry

Clear Node Art Ring.01

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The Node Art Rings are hand made by Olga Alexander. The Node Art Rings in the Nodes Collection of art jewelry are hand assembled to offer different multiple views just as a sculptural piece in a museum would! And each Node Art Ring is one of a kind and adjustable too! This one is made with blue and silver acrylic paint and extruded metal and mesh.  Did you know that fluorescent jewelry are not like colored acrylics? Fluorescent plexiglas even when clear, emit a glow that lasts forever and whatever color paint that is added to the Plexiglas that color then changes in hue! Colored acrylics by comparison are flat, not like in the Nodes Collection where each fluorescent piece of jewelry glows as you do!

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