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Olga Alexander works in many materials and formats including abstract drawing, painting, photography, installations, sculpture and jewelry design. Her art practice is experimental and recombinant and uses materials that are best suited to her subject matter. Alexander is interested in the perception of identity, on a mental and physical level, and how our perceptions may find expression through architecture or science.

In practice, Olga Alexander assembles diverse materials and creates various iterations in painting or sculpture which are then edited in her studio by shifting and rearranging them, so that in the final presentation of her artworks or her jewelry, a dialogue emerges that tries to make sense of our environment and our place within it. 

Originally from New York, Olga Alexander obtained her M.F.A. degree from the University of Tennessee. While in Tennessee, she was also the director of A-1/lab Art Space, a multi- disciplinary art gallery. Olga Alexander obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley. Her artworks are in the Elizabeth Sackler Museum Of Feminist Art Directory, in Mana Contemporary and in numerous private collections

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