About Nodes Collection Of Art Jewelry


According to Wikipedia a node is a "... device that is attached to a network, and is capable of creating, receiving, or transmitting information over a communications channel...".

The Nodes Collection are hand crafted, copyrighted sculptural jewelry, designed by Olga Alexander in NYC! Ms. Alexander's designs are not gender specific and appeal to anyone interested in contemporary culture. The Nodes are encased in fluorescent Plexiglas that seems to glow, unlike other resin based jewelry. While the Nodes do not actively transmit anything they look as though they can! The artist created them while working on her own art installations; she wanted to replicate her larger sculptures by using the same concepts and art materials from her studio, into wearable art that everyone can enjoy.

The Nodes Collection consist of sculptural forms that look like a cross between biological and architectural forms from some futuristic landscape, and this is their appeal for the artist, as she is interested in hybrid, abstract environments and patterns. In Olga Alexander's jewelry designs, as in her art making practice, she interprets these abstract environments in a variety of ways and offers multiple views that play with light, color and space in such a way as to render the Nodes ethereal, alluring and transformative.



The contents of each Node is individually designed and hand painted by Olga Alexander and no two jewelry pieces are exactly alike! The Nodes come in six fluorescent colors too. In this way, the Nodes are more than adornment jewelry pieces, they are miniature artworks, some more painterly, others more sculptural that the wearer gets to own and re-interpret! 

All Node jewelry can be customized, find out how, contact; nodescollection@gmail.com


Nodes Collection Appearances;

Delaware Contemporary Art Museum, DE
Montclair Art Museum, NJ
Morris Museum Of Art, N.J.
Kent State University Museum, OH
Galesburg Civic Art Center, IL
Muskegon Museum of Art, MI
Grounds for Sculpture N.J.
LSU Museum of Art, LA
Numerous Private Collections

All rights are reserved; images are property of the artist, all art jewelry and artworks are copyrighted by the artist.