Adjustable and featherlight this Fluorescent Clear Node Art Ring is one of a kind! All Nodes Collection Jewelry are individually hand painted and constructed.  This  Clear Node Art Ring is hand painted with  gold and white paint and contains extruded metal. All Nodes Collection Jewelry are customizable and individually constructed and painted by Olga Alexander NYC
Nodes Collection Of Art Jewelry

Clear Node Art Ring.03

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All the Node Art Rings in the Nodes Collection are individually created by Olga Alexander in New York. They are meant to be seen and worn as art pieces, this is why they offer multiple views that are abstract and invite viewers and collectors to add their interpretation as they would of any piece in a museum! The Node Art Rings are adjustable and can be worn in multiple ways to showcase different abstract forms. The artist puts a lot of thought in these one of a kind forms that she hand assembles, just as she does when creating larger bodies of artwork! This Clear Node Art Ring is hand painted with white and gold acrylic paint and extruding metal. Have alternate preference of colors let us know! Customizable jewelry is available at no extra cost

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